Bridal lehenga is a center of attraction at the wedding, but it is very difficult to carry heavy lehengas in the summer. That’s why this season designers have designed such lighns that can be easily carved and give a heavy look.


If you want to try something different from the traditional functional red color and zodiac work in the wedding function, then these stylish lehenga are perfect for you. These lehengas, specially designed for Summer Wedding, are all new from Fabric, Colors to print and work. Know about these trendy and stylish styles of summer season.

It is not necessary for a Royal Look to wear a lavn with very heavy work. If you want to get a Royal Charm while filling the Conflict in Summer Wedding, then you can design the net scarf with the printed lip. Which looks very beautiful .Bridal lingerie mostly appears in the Floral design, but this season bold print is also being designed in Bridal Ware. Animals, animals, picos and many different types of lehngs are perfect for the cocktail party.


These prints look very beautiful on light color. For the classical look, it is being worn with the top-top fashion matel crochet.
At the time of marriege, it is also difficult to carry heavy scarf on it. For those who want to avoid the difficulties of doing a girls’ scarf, they are designed without dupatta lahnges. They are either a jacket or a scarf, or a choli is designed like a tape and is given such a look that the scarcity of the scalp is not noticed. These lions are being liked very well for functions such as music and henna.


It is preferred to wear light color instead of wearing bright colors in Summer Wedding. In addition to pastel shades, colors such as Lavender, Pitch, Mehndi Green, Golden, Light Blue, Light Yellow and Sea Green can also be tried in this season lingerie. For an Attractive Look, these lanterns can be made from beautiful colorful embroidery from any other color, it gives an elegant look to the bride.
eh Loehng of Sunshine Shades is trending for the day’s function in Wedding. It also looks very stylish as well as a traditional look. The special thing is that it suits almost every skin tone and there is no need to carry too much jewelery with it. These days the sunshine lions are the most liked and semi-literate patterns and silver work.

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