From the outfits to the bride to the jewelery and the makeup, these tips will be useful.

Most of the brides forget the packing of essential items in the race due to marriage, due to which they have either to shop or even compromise with those things. So if you want to avoid this frustration, take a look at these essential tips. Which are small but a lot of work.

Variety of all types of outfits

After marriage, there are many different functions that you need to be included. So do not just have heavy Indian outfits in your bag but also keep some outfits that you can carry out casually. Such as jeans, tops, short dresses, and shorts. After marriage, it is not necessary that the colors of outfits, footwear and handbags are bright. Light and neutral shade can carry comfortably on every single place.

Do not buy too heavy jewelry

You can carry heavy julari only on the wedding day, so whenever you go shopping for jewelery, it is better that you choose from earrings to bracelets and designs of nakpees. Keep some grinders also that you can easily team up with Western Ware.

Customizing outfits, do not take risks of new teller

Even after watching many lehngs and gouns, if you are not getting perfect outfits for yourself, then you will have the option of customizing the best. But also keep in mind that do not match outfits from any teller where you have never before clothed. Otherwise you will not be able to stay peacefully on the day of marriage or neither the Confident.

Also focus on Natural Beauty apart from the makeup

By the way, on a wedding day, you can cover facial scars and pimples, but do not stay on the makeup only. To keep the skin hydrated and glowing, drink at least 3 liters of water and take full sleep for 7-8 hours. Also, do some cleaning and spawn a few days before marriage. Do not leave it for the wedding day.

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