TIP FOR YOU GIRLS….Makeup is spoiled by sweat, then adopt these tips

Not only the makeup quickly gets spoiled due to sweating in summer, but the face also looks very sticky. Therefore, it is important that you take care of some important things while making this season. There are some tips to follow that not only can you save the makeup from spoiling for long, but you will find Flawless Look. You also know about these tips.


2.If your base is perfect and correct, the makeup will not be bad for a long time. Not only this, it is easy to make a make-up in a good base. Always wash the face and make a good moisturizer

Prepare the base by putting them. Use the oil-free moisturizer and cleanser for summer.

3.As well as choosing oil-free products, keep in mind that their texture is according to the weather. Use a creamy textured product instead of powder form in the summer. Powder forms give you a kaki look after getting spoiled after a while. So choose them in the eyeshadow or complimentary creamy texture. On the other hand, if you talk about lipstick, then satin textured lip color is the perfect choice for such weather.

4.Primer is important
In this weather, the primer is very important to protect the makeup from getting worse for a long time. So be sure to include it in your makeup kit in the summer. After applying a moisturizer, take a light primer and apply it on the face and neck properly.

5.Do it in low
Keep the makeup as low as summer. Using more MakePoint products, your face looks kinky and the look looks bad. If you do not feel comfortable then avoid using the foundation and just put the conciler. At least layering. Blush on a particular occasion Avoid using powder blush.

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